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Known for his emotive singing and literate narratives, British born singer-songwriter Conor Cassidy has a story to tell and a sound of his own. Raised on a steady diet of Neil Young, Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen, he began playing guitar and writing songs at the tender age of 9. In late 2008, Conor and his family emigrated to Saskatoon, Canada - once home to Joni Mitchell. It was there that his musical journey would begin. At 13 he was performing in local bars, cafes and restaurants before eventually scoring gigs at prestigious venues in the USA.

By 2014 Conor was introduced to Jeffrey Wood - manager and producer at California's legendary Fantasy Studios. Recognising Conor's talent, Jeffrey offered to record and produce some of his songs. Thereafter, Conor toured the USA where he was billed with artists such as Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols, Paul Young and Zane Carney (John Mayer's guitarist). In 2017, Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Simon Climie (co-writer to Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin to name a few) discovered Conor's music and invited him to write and record at his studio.

Now 23, Conor is preparing to release material that he has cumulated over the past years, starting with his debut single "You Pick Me Up". He then plans to tour the U.S. and Canada, in hopes of building a loyal fanbase and earning a reputation as a great songwriter and performer.